• About us ….

    We firmly believe a company or project is only as good as the people who are involved and work in the venture.

    Plum Developments is a family run company and has 3 Directors with complimentary skills.

    Anthony Zamattia has 14 years experience in property, investing and finance.  With a foundation of an economics degree and chartered accountant, Anthony has worked for A list companies such as AMP Property, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and BT funds management.  In addition, as managing director of two other businesses, Anthony has the financial and analytical skills to evaluate and analyse opportunities as well and the broader picture view to manage and deliver projects to a successful completion.

    David Zamattia has 17 years experience in construction of medium density and prestige luxury homes.  A qualified builder, David has managed multi million dollar construction projects and been the principle member of the management team of his own construction company.  With a complete set of construction, project management, pricing and budgeting skills, Davids expertise are integral in the evaluation and management of projects.

    Samuel Zamattia has 15 years experience managing people and companies.  Having previously managed and co-ordinated large staff at companies such as Suttons Motors, Samuel’s management and organisational skills are essential in delivering any successful venture.